• A safe house for women and children who are victims of domestic violence • Emergency Exit

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Post-residential follow-up

Our post-residential follow-up program is designed to provide our former residents with continued services once they leave the shelter.

This program allows us to complete the work that was undertaken during the woman’s stay. We also continue to offer accompaniment services as these women reorganize their lives.

Our follow-up program is adapted to individual needs and generally provides assistance in the areas of legal aid, immigration, and crime victims’ compensation. We also provide assistance in helping set up security measures at our former residents’ new housing.

In order to promote their reintegration into society, we support women in their study or employment plans.

Whether they are looking for a daycare, school, or day camp for their children, our post-residential follow-up services provide the assistance they need.

As a result, our former residents are referred to resources that offer the services they require, allowing them to build social ties (support groups, food banks, cultural centres, coffee-meetings, etc.). Our former residents can be referred to professionals in the institutional or private healthcare system if they have specific needs.

In order to reduce the effects of domestic violence after separation, we help our former residents set up protective measures. Support services for mothers as well as for their children are also provided on a post-residential basis.

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