• A safe house for women and children who are victims of domestic violence • Emergency Exit

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Am I a victim of domestic violence or abuse?

Domestic violence can take many forms and involves verbal, psychological, sexual, economic, or spiritual abuse.

If you are experiencing one or more of the following situations, you may be a victim of domestic violence.

  • He shouts in order to intimidate me.
  • He calls me names, “whore,” “bitch,” “stupid,” “crazy,”…
  • He orders me around.
  • He forbids me from doing certain things, like leaving the house.
  • If I do something he doesn’t like, he ignores me and refuses to speak to me.
  • He insults people I like and forbids me from seeing them.
  • He uses my money for his own needs and doesn’t give me access to it.
  • He criticizes and humiliates me in public.
  • He forces me to have sex with him or engage in sexual practices I don’t like.
  • When he’s angry, he throws and breaks objects in the house.
  • He has threatened to hurt me or kill me.
  • He has threatened to harm my family or my children.
  • He has pushed me against the wall.
  • He has pushed me down the stairs.
  • He hit me when I was pregnant.
  • He shoves me and shakes me.
  • He has tried to strangle me.
  • He has slapped and hit me.
  • He hits me with objects.
  • He has used a weapon to threaten or hurt me.
  • He puts me down in front of the children and tells them I am not a good mother.
  • He watches my every step.
  • He is suspicious and tries to control who I see.
  • He criticizes my clothes and my appearance: “You look like a whore dressed like that.”
  • He criticizes my religious beliefs and denigrates them.
  • He takes my money and does not give me enough to support myself and my children.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you need help.

T. 514-270-8291