• A safe house for women and children who are victims of domestic violence • Emergency Exit

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« I feel like it is a second home for us, with the loving support to move to the next step. All the workers are really nice to give a lot of advice, for me and for the kids too. All the activities after being at the shelter are making me happy and stronger, and I can share what I learned with my kids. After 9 years of having been at the shelter, I still feel that here it is like my loving home. »

« For the persons who are confused about leaving their home or not, who are living a situation of violence, I would like to tell them that it is better to go out. To not be wasting your time. It took me a lot of years to decide to leave my husband because I was thinking he would change, but it doesn’t change. It is better to not waste your time and start now a new life. »

« For me, it’s my shelter. There is no violence, it is a safe place. It helped me to be strong enough to face my own life, to face myself. »

T. 514-270-8291