• A safe house for women and children who are victims of domestic violence • Emergency Exit

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Immigrant Women

Since 1977, Assistance aux femmes de Montréal has developed an expertise recognized by various partners in the field of services for immigrant women.

We receive women from all over the world and are able to provide them with services and support appropriate to their specific needs. These women are determined to break the cycle of violence, despite the fact that they often face challenges that are particular to their status as immigrants. These difficulties include the language barrier and religious, family or cultural pressure to return to their spouse. Many of these women also face social isolation, prejudice, and racism.

Immigration-related issues are often used by violent spouses as a means of subordinating women awaiting their immigration status. In addition, the control exerted by their spouse often results in these women being isolated in their homes, affording them little or no opportunity to familiarize themselves with their host country.

To respond to their need for services tailored to their situation, we have implemented an intervention program for immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence.

Our actions are therefore intended to promote their self-reliance by informing them of their rights and helping them integrate into their new homeland.

We also support them in many other areas in which they may require assistance, such as the renewal of their Permanent Resident Card, citizenship application, the family reunification process, and enrollment in French-language courses.

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