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I am separated from my spouse, but he harasses and threatens me, what can I do?

When faced with this situation, take note of the date and details of the event, in order to build a strong complaint, if it is your wish to register one. Keep the harassing e-mails that your spouse sends you. If the harassment is done via the telephone, it is possible to record the calls or messages. Do not hesitate to call the police if you sense that you or your loved ones are in danger.

For more information, you can consult our pamphlet on post separation violence.

My ex does not respect the custody agreement in regards to my children, what can I do?

Contact the lawyer in charge of your file, in order to find out what is possible, in regards to your particular situation. If your spouse has conditions not to be in contact with you, do not hesitate to contact the police if the conditions are not respected.

T. 514-270-8291